Subliminal Messages Software Review

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Subliminal Messages Software Review

In this article I will describe everything you wanna known about subliminal messages software. What it is, how does it work, what kind of subliminal messages are there? What are the best programs and what are the important software features.

So what are subliminal messages or subliminal affirmations?


Subliminal messages are very short messages that bypass your skeptical awareness and go straight to your more receptive subconscious mind.

Subliminal messages are typically delivered as quick flashes of text, i.e. affirmations (which are too quick for the conscious mind to comprehend) or via barely audible whispers (which are too quiet for the conscious mind to comprehend).

By flashing just one message every  second, that means an astounding 28,800 affirmations per day direct to your subconscious (8 hours per day).

How can subliminal messages help you achieve your goals?

The subconscious mind is very powerful, but it can’t tell the difference between an actual experience or a re-imagining of one. Visualization, affirmations, hypnoses and the universal law of attraction make all use of this principle. By using subliminal messages for our own purposes and benefit we can control which messages we will receive.

Subliminal messaging is a safe technology that has been used since the 50’s. It’s a POWERFUL self-development tool!

Why using subliminal messages software?

The use of subliminal software automates, simplifies the process and increases the amount of control we have over the messages we receive. The software just works at the background when you are sitting behind your computer.

The text or images will pop-up on the screen. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, work, shop online, catch-up on social media or play games on your computer. The program does its work, but the display time is so short that you won’t notice it.

What kind of subliminal messages are possible with subliminal software?

text-icon Text Affirmations

All software products on this page have the (standard) option for text affirmations. They all come with own programs and hundreds of preset affirmations, but you can easily ad your own.

All programs are easy to handle and in just a few steps you can set your preferred settings. Like display interval, display time, font (style, color) and place of appearance (at random or at fixed places).

images-icon Images

With Subliminal Power 2 and MindMaster you can use (and add your own!) images as subliminal messages. Subliminal Power 2 has even an option to select and import images from Google and Flickr.

BrainBullet and MindZoom don’t have any features for images.

Because an image can say more than 1,000 words and the subconscious mind reacts even better on (colourful) images I will always choose for the product with image features.

Music-Note-iconAudio Speech (silent spoken affirmations)

BrainBullet and MindMaster have no audio features at all.

MindZoom has a beautiful audio solution called Silent Subliminal Messaging System. Text affirmations can be translated to speech and delivered through a Low Frequency envelope, not heard by the human ear but reaching the brain.

mp3-icon2And if that’s not enough if you buy MindZoom you get (for the time being) also the Mindzoom Subliminal Mixer. A great extra feature where you can use text or audio affirmations (you can record your own affirmations or use pre-recorded ones) and mix them with your favorite  music files. Save and listen to them anywhere, on your Ipod, home or car stereo, you name it!

Subliminal Power 2 has chosen for another audio feature:

music-beat-icon Audio (binaural beats)

SubliminalPower 2 has included six ready-to-run binaural brainwave entrainment sessions in to the software. (With Mindzoom you can add binaural beats in the subliminal Mixer).

But the real killing feature for SubliminalPower 2 is:

movie-icon Mental Movies

Subliminal Power 2 has its own new solution: Mental Movies. With just a click, pick your subliminal program, select the background music, click a button and SubliminalPower 2 will export an MP4 ‘mind movie’ that you con watch anywhere for an instant mental boost … even on your portable iOS or Android device!

What can I use subliminal messages software for?

You can use the software for virtually anything you want! In most software it’s (totally) customizable.

Some examples:

  • Boost Concentration & Memory
  • Increase Self Esteem
  • Improve Parenting Skills
  • Enhance Business Acumen
  • Master Emotions
  • Get Rid of Phobias
  • Amplify Your Creativity
  • Even Lose Weight!

You can even use the subliminal messages software to pinpoint your specific desires.

Why not just use subliminal tapes and CDs instead of software?

You’ll find that subliminal messages in any format will assist in your quest for self-development. However subliminal tapes and CDs do come with built-in limitations.

Firstly, they’re developed for the mass-market, meaning they’re generic rather than specific to your needs.

Secondly, with the adjustable software you decide what subliminal messages you want to receive. You won’t have any concern that less scrupulous companies may include dubious messages on subliminal tapes and CDs.

Thirdly, and most importantly, you need to set aside an hour each day to listen to your subliminal tapes and CDs. The message are sent slowly, and only while you’re listening.

Subliminal software has none of these limitations. You can specify the exact affirmations you want to use – and have them sent to your subconscious mind while you use your PC.

There’s NO extra effort required! It’s the ultimate replacement for subliminal tapes and CDs.


All products are high quality and have enough programs and built-in affirmations to change your life.

For Mac users there is only one solution BrainBullet.

If you only want to use subliminal software messages for text affirmations, choose the cheapest, all products are great.

However if you want to combine the power of text, images and sound?

And that’s what I recommend. Then the only option is Subliminal Power 2.

Not sure yet? Try it out for free. All come with a no-risk Money-Back guarantee (at least 14 days up to 60 days).

Subliminal Power 2
Logo SubliminalPower 2
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Windows/Mac Window XP, Vista, 7
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Price $39.97 $45.95 $67.00 $67 $47*
* COUPON CODE SubliminalPower2: Use SP20 as Promotional Code at check out to receive a $20 discount!

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Author: George Eeken

3 thoughts on “Subliminal Messages Software Review

    1. George EekenGeorge Eeken Post author

      Can I prove subliminal messages always work? No, but read the testimonials and do some research on the internet. You will find quit a lot of people who really believe in the working of subliminal messages and use them on a daily basis.

      It’s like visualisation, hypnosis and the law of attraction. If you don’t believe in those concepts, you probably don’t see results. Then you are not open to it and if something positive happens, you’ll call it probably luck.

      Just by chosing an affirmation program and setting your goals, your conscious mind opens up. This alone can cause the so-called Placebo effect. By believing in the results you actually can get the desired results (or see some positive changes in the desired direction).

      I am using the Subliminal Power 2 program myself and love the way it works for me. It depends on the chosen affirmation program, but I see effects in just a few days. For me I always keep a program “running” for at least a month. If you reach your goals or change your behavior, it can be forever. For me that’s the time to move to another program.

      Will my behavior or believe stays the same forever? No, people will change over time. But with subliminal messages software you can now program your life the way you want.

      Other “Academic” proof

      Several studies have been conducted which have proven that subliminal messages can have effects on our behavior, feelings and emotions.

      Volume 29 of The Journal of Counseling Psychology, reports a study by Dr. Kenneth Parker, a psychologist at Queens College, New York that demonstrated the effectiveness of subliminal messages in an academic environment. He was able to have a test group achieve a significant improvement in academic performance and in information retention against a control group with the use of subliminal messages before class.

      From a more therapy based perspective Dr. Lloyd H. Silverman, a research psychologist from New York, has carried out extensive studies into subliminal effects in different therapeutic applications. These included improving or aggravating symptoms in schizophrenics as well as improving the success rates in those quitting smoking.

      In March of 2007 BBC News reported on the work of a London team of researchers at the UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience who had identified, through brain scans, that the brain does indeed respond to subliminal influences.

      Speaking on behalf of the team Dr Bahador Bahrami said: “What’s interesting here is that your brain does log things that you aren’t even aware of and can’t ever become aware of. The brain is open to what’s around it. So if there is ‘spare capacity’, in terms of attention, the brain will allocate that resource to subliminal activity.”

  1. Mark T. Vann

    I have already tried subliminal messages, and I know they do work. I walk 8 miles a day, and I’m 62 years old. I go past 30 somethings so fast, it scares them. The average mall-walker thinks I must be an apparition, (what you guys in the Nether regions would call a “dopple-ganger”). I am so healthy, even health-nuts call me a “real health nut.” My heart beats so slow, my doctor fell asleep while trying to take my blood pressure.

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